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Ray Garofalo Exposes Chad Lauga - Master Plan on Coastal Restoration

Ray Garofalo exposes Chad Lauga's distortions regarding the State's Master Plan on Coastal Restoration....

Mike Bayham - Taking Credit Where None is Due

Category is St. Bernard Parish
This is Bayham's latest newspaper ad. Does he really think people believe he's responsible for all he claims credit for? Anyone who has ever worked on a major project can tell you many people are involved in its planning and execution. How shallow of him to try and take credit as if he was a "one man show" of...

Oppose Louisiana House Bill 1287: Battle of New Orleans Bicentennial Commission

Once again, there's that word again to be afraid of - "commission." This time it's to form a commission for the Battle of New Orleans Bicentennial. I do believe an organizing-commemoration committee should be formed, but not on the state level. Frankly, I'm surprised Nita and Reed are going along with a bill originally and solely authored by a New Orleans legislator from the Lakeview area.

Landrieu Comments on Late-Night Release Of National Disaster Housing Strategy

WASHINGTON - United States Senator Mary Landrieu, D-La., today made the following comments about yesterday's late-night release of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's National Disaster Housing Strategy (NDHS). In July, FEMA released a version of the NDHS -- 13 months after the legal deadline by which it was required -- with significant shortcomings. In particular, an analysis of the NDHS...

St. Bernard Parish and SDT Waste & Debris Reach Settlement

Category is St. Bernard Parish
The Parish of St. Bernard and SDT Waste & Debris announce today they have resolved all differences in connection with work involving the collection and hauling of trash and construction debris from the parish's transfer site once located on Paris Road. In mid-2007, the Parish and SDT worked toward a Cooperative Endeavour Agreement by which the Parish would allow its...

Daily Comet NOT Looking Out for Local Residents

On December 19, the Daily Comet ran a story about the Lafourche Parish government announcing it was going to give businesses and residents the opportunity to receive local news and information from parish government through an email service. The need was sparked because of comments made following Hurricanes Gustav and Ike about residents who evacuated turning to email to receive...


Parish assisted evacuation for residents with special and medical needs begins Friday, Aug. 29 St. Bernard Parish President Craig P. Taffaro Jr. said Thursday night he anticipates calling a mandatory, parish-wide evacuation for all residents some time Saturday, Aug. 30, in anticipation of Tropical Storm Gustav. Evacuation for residents with special and medical needs, who have registered with the parish,...

MR GO Must GO! Sign Distribution

The MRGO Must Go Coalition is holding a second sign distribution event in the Lower 9th Ward on Wednesday, August 6. Please pass this information on to your contacts. We have several volunteers from the Lower 9, but can always use additional bodies to help out and to make the event more newsworthy. WHAT: MRGO sign distribution/press event WHERE: Corner...

Legislative Pay Hike

Although I agree with Bobby Jindal's statement that the Legislature is a separate body, that does not relieve Governor Jindal of his responsibility to maintain the fiscal soundness of the state. As Governor, he is the last line of defense for the people when the Legislature does something as absurd as this pay raise was. Everyone of these legislators knew...

Presidential Races

Category is St. Bernard Parish
The race for U.S. President is underway now with candidates from both sides of the aisle testing the waters. More interesting, at lease to St. Bernard Parish residents is who will continue the rebuilding effort after Hurricane Katrina. To gauge the public mood, we are taken an unscientific approach and asking people to submit who they think should be the...
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