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Daily Comet NOT Looking Out for Local Residents

On December 19, the Daily Comet ran a story about the Lafourche Parish government announcing it was going to give businesses and residents the opportunity to receive local news and information from parish government through an email service. The need was sparked because of comments made following Hurricanes Gustav and Ike about residents who evacuated turning to email to receive...

Foresight or Stupidity?

Last week, Greg LeBlanc, Sr., owner of the Geri LeBlanc Pontiac Buick GMC franchise here in the Thibodaux area announced he is terminating his franchise agreement with GM. He cited the viability of GM as a going concern as his reason for closing the franchise. Is this foresight on his part, as the Big Three (Ford, General Motors, Chrysler) automakers...

Hang 'em Now, We'll Get the Conviction Later

Category is Daily Comet
In the January 12, 2007 edition of the Daily Comet, City Editor Michael Gorman writes a column titled, "Cops have their own crime spree". In his article, Gorman starts off talking about two separate instances in which members of the New Orleans Police Department have allegedly attacked, injuring or killing a member of the general public. Two thirds of the...
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