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Customer Service is Everything

Customer Service is everything. Anyone who has been in business for more than three hours knows that to be true. The funny thing, is that customer service seems to be falling away. The first time you go into a store and see a self-checkout register, you go to it for the novelty of it. The second time you do it...

The Case of the Missing Trash Bin

Category is Consumer Reporting
I'm on the road a lot and as a consequence, I often utilize fast food drive-thru's. My number one pet peeve with any drive-thru is the lack of a trash receptacle accessible from the drive-thru lane, preferable at the end. I always have a drive in the car, usually one of those big 32 oz. cups (I like my drinks...

Shipping Woes

Category is Consumer Reporting

Who's better at shipping? UPS, FedEx, or the Postal Service?

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