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Is it the "American Way?"

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Is it the "American Way?"

by John Scurich

The historic vote by a progressive, liberal Democratic Congress on what they are calling "healthcare reform" has definitely caused a reaction among many Americans. Many member of Congress, all Democrats, have received threatening phone calls. About a dozen Democratic Congressmen have had rocks and other objects thrown through their office windows. Naturally, members of Congress have made statements condeming the acts saying "this is not the American way." Or is it?

I consider myself a decent student of early American history and you know the old saying - those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it - or in the very least "see it repeated." In the years leading up to 1776 and the American Revolution, British soldiers and diplomats were taken from their quarters - by American colonists - stripped naked, tarred, then feathered. It was brutal torture in the very least. Thousands of everyday, hardworking, puritan American cheered as the tortured British were paraded through the streets, in this particuar case, Boston. Several of the colonists leading this violent act were of the family of John and Samuel Adams.

Those who apprehended the British and tortured them - to their deaths I might add - were heralded as heroes. To this day some history books still do. Keep in mind these were people of an age where today's historians label them as being more "civilized" then our American society today. Yet, these Americans who made up those mobs in the 1770's tortured and murdered British soldiers who apparently had done nothing wrong. But they were of the enemy to freedom and liberty - they represented an armed King George III who the American colonists had labeled an evil tyrant because he repressed the freedom and liberties of the colonists.

History teaches us that everyday, nice, civilized people will resort to violence when they feel their freedom is at risk of being loss to an oppressor. Human nature, human behavior's constant, has never changed through the centuries going back to before the time of Christ. So why would anyone expect people to act differently today - espcially when reminded that "we" are less civilized than our founding fathers.

For anyone to be shocked by such a reaction is a poor student of history. While breaking the windows of Congressmen's offices cannot be condoned, it can certainly be understood considering millions of Americans are feeling the very same way our founders did. In all honesty, how many of you when hearing of it were glad? Admit it, deep down some of you were a little happy to hear of it - not that you condone such behavior, but you could relate to those people's frustration - the very same frustration of our founders who committed the very same acts, if not worse, over 235 years ago.

Oh, but that was to gain our freedom and liberty! So, taking such actions today to preserve our freedom and liberties is "different?" If a liberty loving American feels threatened today, what constitutes a different, but acceptable behavior? After all, we've already established human nature has never changed. So why expect anything different.

I can't believe Democrats were so naive to think Americans would not react that way. Several Democratic Congressmen said they are living in fear. Well, when you no longer represent want "we the people" want, then you are going to get the same kind of behavior our founders displayed. But what about doing this through the election process? Obviously for many Americans the general elections in November are too far away to let their fears and discontent be known.



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