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Don't Be a Stage Mom!

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After eight hours of auditions staged over three days and 70 people trying out, I am happy to say that the casting of the Thibodaux Playhouse production of Annie is just about over (we still need a few more guys for some supporting roles).

There was a lot of good talent that showed up, as well as some "what we're you thinking" talent. In the end, we went with what we thought was the better talent for the role we cast them in. Some really great talent was cast in supporting roles because we felt they would fit better in those roles.

Although trying to decide who was going to play what role took a lot of arguing back and forth, it was great to see the cast start to come together.

Even more fun was to call those who were given roles, especially Bethany Martinez, who got the part of Annie. I don't think she stopped screaming for five minutes.

The not so fun part was calling those who didn't get a part. Even worse, was the mom who had to call me back to ask what her daughter did "wrong" and then to start explaining to me how her daughter was going to be on Broadway and that we were missing out. Talk about feel like Simon Cowell.

The girl did nothing wrong, we just felt there were other people that were a better fit. Yes, we did cast some people in double roles. No, we didn't do it out of spite.

Rehearsals will last for three months and take a big commitment. In fairness to those that are giving of their time, we felt it better to put them in multiple roles so that they would have more time on stage to show for their efforts. Who would really want to spend three months of rehearsal time for two minutes on stage? Even on Broadway, they would do the same thing. So give it up already!

For those that are interested, here is the cast of Annie:
Announcing the cast of Annie!

Bethany Martinez - Annie
David Gauthreaux - Daddy Warbucks
Nicole Webb - Grace Farrell
Molly (Orphan) - Michala Torres
Kate (Orphan) - Lauren Rhodes
Tessie (Orphan) - Sophia Galey
Pepper (Orphan) - Sarah Delhaye
July (Orphan) - Karra Rodrigue
Duffy (Orphan) - Anna Dauaine
Unnamed Orphan - Jessica Galey
Unname Orphan/Homeless Person - Dayla Rich
Unnamed Orphan - Hannah Adams
Unnamed Orphan/Sandy - Rebecca Bourgeois
Miss Hannigan - Laura Templet
Rooster/Homeless person - Joey Pierce
Lily - Julia Chauvin
Bert Healy/Mr. Bundles/Howe (Cabinet member)/Homeless Person - Don Bourgeois
Annette (Servant)/Usherette - Tiffany Galey
Mrs. Greer/Homeless Person - Hannah Marcotte
Cecille (Servant)/Boylan Sister - Kami Ellender
Mrs. Pugh (Servant)/Homeless Person - Nikki Allemand
Boylan Sister/Homeless Person - Alison Schreckengast
Apple Seller/Ickes (Cabinet member)/Judge Brandeis - Blake Petit
Perkins (Cabinet member)/Homeless person/Fred McCracken - Treva Breaux
Boylan Sister/Star-to-be - J'Leigh Chauvin



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