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Alert the CDC - Maureen Dowd is Contagious

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Alert the CDC - Maureen Dowd is Contagious

The Centers for Disease Control needs to be alerted - there's no doubt Maureen Dowd has come down with a dangerous and contagious affliction . In her latest syndicated editorial, she states Congressman Joe Wilson's blurted interruption of Obama's speech was a “racist” comment. Now, besides the “fact” that Congressman Wilson's outburst never referenced anything to do with race, you have to realize that Ms. Dowd has been victimized by contracting “Chicken Little” Syndrome.

This is a terrible disease that seems to spread among liberals more than anyone else to the point where it looks like a pandamic could be starting.

It would appear this disease causes well-educated adults to bypass simple common sense and logic, and jump to absurd conclusions based on little information - or none at all. So, if you were walking under an oak tree and an acorn falls on your head, then surely you would immediatley conclude the sky is falling. Likewise, if you, a white person, accuse a president of lying, who just happens to be black, then you must be a racist.

This is all besides the fact that Congressman Wilson was correct in his accusation of Obama. The one thing his outburst caused was for the nation to look up and read what the Obamacare Bill (HR 3200) actually says. Upon reading it, the reader learns what the bill says is no one seeking medical care can be asked to provide proof of his/her citizenship - and once they receive any kind of care they would immediately be enrolled into the program. That means an illegal alien could walk into any hospital or clinic, not even be able to speak a word of English (to where it's obvious they are likely illegal), yet the hospital staff are forbidden by law to inquire to their residency or citizen status.

So, while HR 3200 might not specifically say illegal aliens are included in the bill's medical coverage, in effect they are. And if Congressman Wilson or I am wrong, then why is it that the Senate (in their version of a healthcare reform bill) specifically states that a person “must prove citizenship” to receive care? Clearly, the Senate caught on to what the language of the bill implied.

Oh, but let us not forget on countless occassion when Democratic members of Congress - many of them black - used to call President Bush a liar. Where was Ms. Dowd then? I guess Chicken Little Sydrome didn't kick in until a black man was elected to the White House.

John Scurich
Lacombe, Louisiana



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