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North versus South, Again.

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In a special election to fill State Senate District 20, recently vacated by former Senator Reggie Dupre, State Representative Damon Baldone (District 53), wants to use the difference in voter turnout between those north of the Intracoastal Waterway and those south of it.

In an interview with the Tri-Parish Times newspaper, Baldone is claiming low-voter turnout and being the only candidate from north of the Intracoastal Waterway as his excuses for failing to make the run-off election scheduled for August 29 (you would think the powers that be would have avoided using the 29th as an election date, being that it is the anniversary of Katrina).

Perhaps Rep. Baldone needs to a look a little closer at how he has responded to his current constituents.

I sent an email to Rep. Baldone on May 7, while the state legislature was in session regarding HB389. Floor debate was scheduled on May 29, the House voted on it on June 4, the Senate voted on it June 22, and send to Governor Bobby Jindal's office on June 23. The session adjourned on June 25 and Governor Jindal signed the bill on June 30.

In the six weeks from the time I sent the email until the 2009 legislative session ended, not once did I receive any communication from Rep. Baldone's office.

Today, August 9, 2009, a week after he loses the election for state senator, I finally get an email from him telling me the status of the bill.

Perhaps if he had been more responsive to his constituents, he would be out campaigning instead of waiting for the start of the LSU football season.

Thank you for writing to me concerning HB 389. This bill has passed in the House and the Senate and became ACT 206 upon the signature of the Governor. The ACT went into effect June 30, 2009. To view a copy of the ACT use the following link.

Representative Damon J. Baldone

162 New Orleans Blvd.

Houma,  LA 70364




From: Westley Annis []

Sent: Thursday, May 07, 2009 11:20 PM

To: Baldone, Rep. (District Office)

Subject: HB 389 - Save the Tax Exemption on Educational Materials

Representative Baldone:


For the past 13 years private schools in Louisiana have had a state sales tax exemption when purchasing textbooks, computers, and audio visual materials. This exemption expires on June 30, 2009; unless the Legislature renews it.

Without either a permanent tax exemption, or the renewal of the one currently in place, our schools would have to start paying $1 Million in new taxes. They simply cannot afford to do this without impacting my tuition.

The public schools have a permanent tax exemption on these same educational materials. The private schools  deserve that same permanent tax exemption.

Please vote YES in support of  Rep. Hunter Greene's HB 389, which would provide a PERMANENT tax exemption on these materials.


Westley Annis



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