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A Proposition: Would you become my slave?

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The following is a guest posting by John Scurich, a friend of mine from back in St. Bernard Parish.

Let's make a deal?

Would you sell yourself to me? Literally, I mean would you become my slave and I your master? Here's the deal...and we'll sign legal documents before lawyers to make it all legal.

You sign yourself over to me. I will own you - your legs, your arms, your head, your heart, your soul - "everything" there is to you will be my personal property, no different from the house I own or my car or my lawnmower.

What you get in return: I will provide a house for you (of my choosing), I will provide work for you do each day (a job of my choosing), I will educate and bring you up to things on that which I see fit, I will provide you with complete healtcare coverage - it'll be something along the lines of what military veterans get through the VA system - and I'm sure you've heard the stories of how wonderful that medical system is. So don't worry, I will provide for you and make all decisions for you so you don't have to worry your little self about anything. You get all of this for one little, nothing of a price...I get to own you - I will own your freedom. You will in fact be my slave.

So, do we have a deal?

What's that? No, we don't???? Wait a second, I don't get it. Why don't we have a deal? This is really a great offer!

I must be missing something here. If you don't want to accept my offer then why in the world would you want to go along with Obama's and the Democratic Party's idea of universal healthcare? In fact, why would you go along with ANY of Obama's ideas which are based moderately in socialism but primarily in communism? After all, Obama's offer is for the government to take care of you, right - just as I proposed? Use any vocabulary or terms you wish, but what it all comes down to is the good ole terms of MASTER and SLAVE.

Just in case you forgot your history lessons, this is precisely the same reason our founding fathers revolted against a tyrant of a King in George III of England.

So, it appears you do have some sense of right from wrong after all, don't you? Maybe you do have some sense of the difference between "liberty and freedom of choice" from that of "tyranny and dictorship."

Think about it then pass this on to everyone you know. A little dramatic?
Sure. Precisely right on the mark? You bet your ass it is!

John Scurich
Lacombe, Louisiana
August 6, 2009



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