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Liberal Democrats and Conservative Republicans

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A quick note before reading the main text: This is more of a ramble than anything else. I haven't linked to any articles like I usually do, mainly because I'm still trying to overcome a sinus infection. There are a bunch of tangents in here and over time I intend to tackle each one and flesh it out a bit more.

After exchanging emails with a devout Democrat for the past two years and watching the coronation of Barack Obama, I have learned several things about political labels.

Number one among all of them is that Democrats are Democrats first and foremost. Everything else, including being a liberal, is secondary to being a Democrat. Proof of this can be seen in how the Democrat party treated Senator Joe Lieberman in 2006. Sen. Lieberman dared to have an opposing view on the war on terror than the leaders of the Democrat party. For that view, the party launched a massive effort to remove Lieberman from his Senate seat. All they accomplished was to make Lieberman an independent.

Being a liberal, Lieberman still votes with the Democrats the majority of the time, but he has been kicked out of the party and if the Democrats did not need him to gain the filibuster proof majority they so desperately want, they would not even give him the time of day in the hall way.

Republicans are just the opposite. No matter how liberal you vote, the Republican party will always welcome you. That is why you often hear about someone being a RINO, a Republican In Name Only.

Although Republican's are considered conservatives, the recent excesses of the Republican party over the past eight years, and continuing, are ample proof that not all Republicans are conservatives (look at Arlen Specter and Olympia Snowe). Even both Bush's, George H. W. and George W. tended to look liberal on a fairly regular basis.

One of the rally cries you often hear from the RINO gang is that conservatives need to be more open to change, more willing to compromise. You never hear this from the Democrats. Why is it that only conservatives need to change?

When you look at the history of the United States, especially over the past century when liberalism and big government really had a chance to flourish, you can see that all of liberalisms promises have failed. And the only answer the Democrats ever have is "we didn't spend enough money or the wrong person was put in charge to make it happen."

Democrats can succeed at failing because they always have those two excuses and when that is not enough, they pull out the trump card: because they care.

It doesn't matter if a program is actually good or not, so long as it can be perceived as caring about the well being of some persons or entity than that is all that matters.

How could you be so cruel as to be against welfare to feed the hungry? How could you be so cruel as to be against ever larger minimum wages for those just entering the job force? How could you not want everyone to have the ability to own a house? Just because both parents make over $40,000 year, how can you not want the government to ensure their child has health insurance?

A free education is now a right. Not just through high school but into college as well. With federal intrusion into what was a local issue, education has become a mess. From high dropout rates to students graduating that can't read, write, or do math at the most basic elementary level, every attempt by the federal government, usually at the urging of Democrats, just brings the education system down another notch.

At what point can we say stop and get the federal government out of education? At what point can we say stop and get the federal government out of our lives completely?

If the federal government was to scale back and only take on the responsibilities for which it should have, namely national security and infrastructure, our taxes would diminish greatly and so would the size of government.

One can only hope that over the next two to four years, we can hold on long enough for a new enlightenment to take over and bring the expanding federal government to a halt.


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