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Fundamental Differences

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Just to quote Barack Obama, the Manchurian Candidate himself.

He said he thinks health care is a right while John McCain thinks it is a responsibility. McCain is right on this one.

Once health care becomes a right, no one will get health care (look at Canada). Health care has to remain a responsibility.

And, yes, you should be able to cross state lines to buy health insurance. We also need to get employers out of the job of providing health insurance and give citizens the tax benefits that employers now get. Now, you are stuck with the insurance coverage that your employer thinks you should have, not what you think is right for your own family.

I totally disagree with the man-child when he says that if you allow insurance companies to cross state-lines, they're all going to run to Delaware (isn't that where Biden is from anyway). He seems to think that all insurance companies are going to offer the same bill of goods, that's just not going to happen.

They will have to find some way to differentiate themselves, otherwise it would just be throw a dart and go with that company.

Look at cell phone companies. Their prices are all pretty much the same, but you do get different features depending on the company you go with. ATT lets you carry unused minutes over to another month. AllTel lets you designate certain numbers as free calls all the time. Verizon touts the strength of their network. Each one offers something different to entice customers and insurance companies will do the same thing.

His plan to let those that "can't find insurance" buy into the same pool that the Federal government offers is just his guise of turning health care into another entitlement program like welfare.

This, to me, is reason enough not to vote for the socialist.



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