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City of Thibodaux PSA#10

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The curfew within the City of Thibodaux and Lafourche Parish has been changed effective immediately from 8:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. until further notice. Residents returning to the area are encouraged to bring supplies with them and to be as self-sufficient as possible upon return. There are limited resources available for residents expecting to stay in the city.

The Lafourche Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness has just announced the opening of three distribution sites for Thibodaux and parish residents. Those sites as as follows: Thibodaux High School football stadium parking lot (on Tiger Drive in Thibodaux); Raceland Recreation Center (241 Recreation Drive in Raceland), and Galliano Wal-Mart (on Hwy. 3235 in Galliano). As of noon today, the Thibodaux High School site had ice ONLY, and were distributing two bags of ice per vehicle . The Raceland Recreation Center has M.R.E.'s, ice and blue tarps. The Galliano site had ice ONLY, but blue tarps would be arriving shortly.
The Thibodaux site should be receiving shipments of M.R.E.'s and blue tarps in the coming days, but they do not have an estimated time of arrival.

Also, the following is the latest information that was released from Lafourche Parish:

SHELTER INFO: Lafourche Parish has opened two shelters as Refuges of Last Resort for residents who are coming back to find their homes uninhabitable and have no where else to go. Those two site locations are the Larose Civic Center and Thibodaux High School. The American Red Cross is in the area and is assisting at our shelters. Anyone needing information on shelters open outside of Lafourche Parish should call 1-800-RED-CROSS (or 1-800-733-2767).

ELECTRICITY: Power is still out throughout all of Lafourche Parish. Entergy is working to restore power as quickly as possible with crews from all over the country. Entergy officials estimate that some areas of the parish could have power restored very shortly, but others could take as long as 4 to 6 weeks.

WATER/GAS: Lafourche Parish Water District #1 is still advising residents to boil their water for one full minute before use only as a precaution. South Coast Gas, which provides natural gas services to many Lafourche residents, is reporting that there are NO problems with their service. This DOES NOT apply to the City of Thibodaux water system. The city operates its own municipal water system and there have been no problems to report.

PHONE SERVICE: Latelco customers do not have telephone service at this time, but technicians are working to bring up telephone services as soon as possible. In the AT&T service area, if you are without your individual telephone service, you should call 1-800-861-0499. Wireless phone reception seems to now be working on most providers' networks.

911 SERVICE: 911 Service is operational in the areas that have telephone service. In the Latelco service area, 911 calls can only be made from a wireless phone. All 911 calls made from a telephone in the Latelco area are being rerouted to Lafourche Parish Fire Protection District #3. PLEASE DO NOT DIAL 911 FOR NON-EMERGENCY CALLS.

DEBRIS: Lafourche Parish Government is asking residents to keep trash and debris separated as much as possible. Furthermore, debris should be placed at the curb, divided into separate piles including: metal; clean wood and tree debris; white goods/household appliances; batteries, chemicals and other potentially hazardous items. Loose debris should be boxed, bundled and containerized as much as possible. Please keep debris out of roadside ditches to avoid blocking drainage.
DO NOT BURN DEBRIS PILES. There is a Burn Ban in Lafourche Parish until further notice.

FEMA ASSISTANCE: Any resident seeking information about financial assistance from FEMA due to evacuations or damages that have made your home uninhabitable, please call the FEMA Hotline at 1-800-621-FEMA (1-800-621-3362) or visit their web site

For all other questions, please contact the Lafourche Parish Emergency Operations Center at (985) 537-7603 or toll free at 1-800-794-3160.

Mayor Charles Caillouet
City of Thibodaux


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