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City of Thibodaux Announces Closures due to Hurricane Gustav

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Thibodaux, LA - August 29, 2008

Due to the potential threat of TS Gustav affecting Lafourche Parish as a Category 3 hurricane as early as Tuesday, September 2nd, Mayor Caillouet of the City of Thibodaux is advising the people of Thibodaux that Parish President Charlotte Randolph has issued a State of Emergency for the Parish of Lafourche including the City of Thibodaux. Beginning tomorrow at 3pm, President Randolph has also announced a mandatory evacuation for the entire parish of Lafourche including Thibodaux. This means that all businesses will be closed by 3pm Saturday and parish and local authorities will be encouraging evacuation. Please be advised that should the affects of a major storm impact our city, emergency personnel will not be available to assist you during the storm. If you have an emergency, please contact the Thibodaux Police Department's hotline at 446-5021.

Mayor Caillouet is asking everyone to take care of personal needs, boarding up your homes, and taking care of your pets. Hurricane protection also means clearing the areas around your house to remove lawn chairs, planters, and outdoor items that can become hazardous projectiles during high winds. Thibodaux residents can pick up sandbags at the Lafourche Parish field office located at 2565 Veterans Blvd. There is a limit of 25 "filled" sandbags per household, but additional sandbags will be available for residents to fill their own bags. Residents are also encouraged to bring their own shovel.

Also, at this time, there are no shelters opened in the City of Thibodaux or in Lafourche Parish. Persons with special needs should contact the Lafourche Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness at 1-800-794-3160 for evacuation assistance.

The city would also like to inform all residents that SWDI has suspended all garbage and debris pickup within the city beginning on Monday (Labor Day) through Wednesday of next week.

City offices will be closed beginning today at 4:30pm and will remain closed throughout the weekend and Labor Day until further notice. The Thibodaux City Council has also cancelled their meeting scheduled for Tuesday, September 2, 2008. The meeting will be re-scheduled at a later date once the storm threat has passed. Please check the City's website at for updates on emergency information, public service announcements, or the City Council meeting schedule.


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