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A Different Perspective on the Presidential Election: Which Engineer Would You Hire?

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by John Scurich

Let's pretend for a moment come November we will not be voting to elect a President but instead we'll be voting to award a major construction project to bidding engineers. Let's say this project will be a multi-billion dollar building that will be important to your community.

The selection process has been narrowed down to two engineering candidates - Barrack Obama and John McCain.

First, Mr. McCain makes his presentation to us. He talks about his many years of experience, even providing many photos of other beautiful buildings he has designed and overseen construction in cities around the country. Upon being questioned if any of his past projects have failed or collapsed into ruin, he promptly answers "never" and goes on to explain his plan to build this proposed new structure isn't just based on ideas or theories, but will be built on solid engineering principles, evidenced by his past works. By no means does Mr. McCain "woo us" with his presentation style, but clearly has a solid resume to his credit.

Next, Mr. Obama comes in to make his presentation. He comes across well spoken and impressive explaining how he has many wonderful ideas for the new proposed structure and some preliminary sketch drawings to show us. Upon being questioned about his record on the buildings he has already constructed and how well they are holding up, Mr. Obama responds "well, I've never actually built anything yet. You see, I've only recently become an engineer and all I have to go on is my college project drawings to give you some idea of what I might be able to do for you."

Folks, at this point what do you think would be going through your mind? Who do you think you would trust with such an expensive and important project - someone with a solid resume or a kid fresh out of college? Which is what this scenario basically amounts to.

Keep in mind, though brilliant right out of college, even Frank Lloyd Wright would not have been considered by Mr. Guggenheim to design and build his now famous museum - not until Wright had a well established resume. Certainly, you would give this a lot of thought before voting for either of the engineers to take on this project.

Yet it seems many in this country are giving less thought and examination as to who they trust to serve in a position of far greater importance - our next President. History has shown the repeated failures of so called leaders armed only with "good ideas" and good intentions - which reminds me of something my parents use to warn me about a "road to hell?"

I believe there is something to be said for experience. It's nothing personal against Barrack Obama, but this is precisely why I've decided to support John McCain.


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