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Senate Passes Landrieu Amendment To Improve Product Recall Technology

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Senate Passes Landrieu Amendment To Improve Product Recall Technology Ensures consumers receive timely, accurate product recall information on toddler/infant products.

WASHINGTON - The Senate late yesterday unanimously passed an amendment by United States Senator Mary L. Landrieu, D-La., to S. 2663, the "Consumer Product Safety Commission Reform Act" which requires the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to study newer, more effective product recall notification technologies. The Landrieu amendment also requires the CPSC to conduct ongoing testing of such technologies in the future and to work with manufacturers of infant/toddler products to bring more effective recall technology into the marketplace. Senator Barbara Boxer, D-Ca., co-sponsored the amendment.

"In the wake of numerous recalls of children's toys and products, it is essential to ensure that manufacturers are using the best, most advanced technology to notify consumers of product defects," Sen. Landrieu said. "When dealing with the safety and health of their children, families expect nothing less than receiving the best information from manufacturers. My amendment will require the CPSC to look at new technologies and bring about more timely, accurate recall notification procedures in the future. "

The CPSC estimates that 66,400 children were seriously injured in the nursery in 2006, the highest total since 2002 when the agency estimated 67,000. It is a major increase from 2005, when the figure was 59,800. 2007 saw the record recall of 1,040,000 Simplicity cribs and bassinets, blamed for killing at least four infants.

To address this issue, S. 2663 includes a provision requiring the CPSC to come up with rules requiring manufacturers of durable infant and toddler products to include product registration postcards. These requirements are an important step towards encouraging consumers to voluntarily register themselves with manufacturers in the event of a product recall or defect.

The Landrieu amendment strengthened the bill by requiring the CPSC, within one year of enactment, to review whether other, more effective recall notification technologies exist. The commission would be required to report to Congress on this assessment and whether new technologies would result in higher recall rates than the current postcard method. If the CPSC determines more effective technologies exist and are viable, the amendment would allow the commission to issue regulations for manufacturers to utilize such new recall technology.

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