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Postal Meter Maids?

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Many residents of Thibodaux, LA recently found out their curb side mailboxes were not at the proper height, including yours truly.

According to the slip of paper I received in my mailbox, in early February the Postal Meter Maid took a yard stick to our mailboxes and found many of them lacking. My paper told me that my mailbox had to be raised 6-8 inches. Failure to do so would result in mail no longer being delivered to my home.

As can be expected, I was quite shocked to learn this. My neighborhood is an old, established neighborhood, in fact, my house is over 40 years old. We moved into this house in November of 2005.

When we moved in, their was already a curbside mailbox. Our was right next to our neighbors across the street. We didn't make any changes to it. We didn't think anything of it. It was just your typical, black, sheet metal mailbox. Nothing fancy about it at all.

Why, all of a sudden to I and my neighbors need to raise the height of our mailboxes?

The best part, the paper used to notify us, PS Form 4056, last approved in October of 1979, does not give any information of what the rules are for curbside mailboxes or where to find that information.

It took a bit of manual searching through the Post Office's web site to find out the requirements for curbside mailboxes since their search box found everything about mailbox receptacles, the kind you put outgoing mail in, and not the ones we receive out mail in.

According to the Postal policies for curbside mailboxes, the bottom of a mailbox should be installed at a height of 41-45 inches from the road surface. When I measured mine, it was only 37 inches, obviously, lacking the required height.

I spent a couple of hours over the weekend building a box for my newspaper receptacle so that it would sit underneath the mailbox, thereby raising it to the necessary height.

Never trusting a bureaucracy, especially a government bureaucracy (can you say FEMA? what about Corps of Engineers?), I'm waiting a couple of weeks to make sure it passes muster before I paint it. I will be very much surprised to find out there is nothing wrong with it on the first go around.


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