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Learning Curves

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Learning curves can be a disaster at times, especially when you are pressed for time.

I made the mistake of updating my version of Movable Type from 3.2 to 4.0 back in October.

Sure, I read the FAQ's that said templates were backwards compatible. NOT!

Needless to say, I wrote a new entry, watched the update totally hose my blog and had to rush to get it to at least present something. Now, four months later, I finally had the time to update all of my templates to work with version 4 and can start blogging comfortably again.

Got the Tag Cloud working and have now added Twitter updates, so even if I can't do a full posting, at least I can do some short postings through Twitter.

The next step is to update my style sheet to make the site look better and then to update the templates on my other blogs.

Let's hope I can get it done before I forget everything I just learned.


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