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Just a Little Common Sense

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Just a Little Common Sense

Here in South Louisiana, we are used to seeing rain. Lots of rain, in a very short period of time. It may not happen every week or even every month, but I'm sure you can count on a heavy down pour at least once every quarter.

Since we do get these heavy down pours on a regular basis, you would think we would learn how to drive our cars and trucks in it, but that doesn't seem to be the case for some drivers.

With streets flooded, visibility down to twenty feet, why do some drivers still insist on driving the posted speed limit or, even worse, faster?

The waters in the street will mean their brakes will get wet, so it will be even harder to stop quickly, if needed. And where is the consideration for home and business owners?

The faster one drives down a flooded street, the higher the wave that is created, which could then mean the difference between a building that stays dry and one that gets flooded.

Although the parts of central Thibodaux I was driving through during the recent storms on Monday had many raised buildings, there were some that were not raised and I had to feel some for the owners and residents of those buildings as I watched oncoming traffic drive through the flooded streets as if there was no water there.

Surely, we are more considerate of our neighbors than this poor example shows. Perhaps a few people just need a little helpful reminder.

I also wonder, should Lafourche join the ranks of Jefferson Parish and impose a $500 fine on drivers caught creating excessive wakes on flooded streets?



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