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FEMA Public Assistance report for Louisiana

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Continued Support of Louisiana Recovery FEMA Public Assistance Weekly Update
  • This week, FEMA obligated more than $20 Million in Public Assistance funds to the State of Louisiana.1
  • Over $8.9 Million in funding was obligated to the New Orleans Sewerage and Water Board for costs associated with waste removal and the immediate repair and replacement of necessary equipment.
  • More than $3.1 Million in funding was obligated to the City of Slidell for the debris removal and repair of the city's storm drainage system.
  • Over $2 Million in funding was obligated to the Louisiana State Facility Planning and Control for repair of damages to Jackson Barracks Building 303 and for the mold remediation of buildings at the University of New Orleans.
  • More than $2 Million in funding was obligated to the City of New Orleans for protective measures to public buildings including building stabilization, roof repairs and reinforcement, ventilation, and air conditioning.
1. Obligated funds are deposited into the State's designated account. Funding disbursement by the State is subject to the applicant requesting a draw down of funds.



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