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Local Businessman Announces for Parish Council District 3

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Civic leader and Thibodaux business man, Westley Annis, announces his candidacy for Parish Council District 3.

“Parish government has struggled for over twenty years to make the transition to a council form of government. The only way we will be able to make that transition is if we get new leadership in office.

“My intent, when I am elected, is to push this Council to recognize what it needs to do to move forward instead of hanging on to the failed policies of the past. For too long this parish has been divided between north, central, and south. Until this mindset is changed, Lafourche parish will not be able to move forward and provide the standards of living that its citizens expect.”

Since moving to Thibodaux following the loss of his home in Chalmette due to Hurricane Katrina, Westley has immediately gotten involved in the community. He joined the Kiwanis Club of Thibodaux, who he represented at the Civic Leaders Forum last year, and the Bayou Community Band.

“Since moving to Lafourche Parish I’ve talked to many lifelong residents who have given me a history of Lafourche Parish and its politics. My separation from the politics of old allows me to look at problems with a fresh set of eyes and come up with new solutions.

“I’ve been involved in leadership positions with many different civic and religious organizations. I know what is needed to bring together a consensus to move ideas past the talking stage.”

Westley is married to the former Erica Gilfour of Thibodaux. They have three children: Mandie, Bernard, and Amalie.

Westley is the founder of, a voice and data consultancy, and, a data security service.


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