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Walter Boasso for Governor

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I've exchanged a few emails over the past couple of days explaining why I'm backing Senator Walter Boasso for governor.

I've known Sen. Boasso and his family for many years and actually worked for him for a little over a year. As a member of his Senate Advisory Committee, I got to learn some of the battles that Walter faced during his first term legislative session.

When you compare Walter Boasso to front runner Bobby Jindal the scale is clearly in Boasso's favor.

Bobby, while a great guy and a powerful speaker (I got to watch him and David Vitter speak at the same conference - Jindal could use Vitter to wipe the floor up), I think he has had too much of a fairy tale ride. He is a career bureaucrat and politician who is just swinging from rung to rung. As an associate of mine likes to point out, Jindal has never held a job for longer than two years (I guess being a Congressman sets a new record for him).

I haven't gone back to look it up, but this same associate claims that Jindal has always been great on spouting policy but has never managed to actually implement it.

That said, I've known Walter and his family for too long and I trust him.

Reality being what it is, I realize he is going to cast votes for measures that I am against, but I also think he will never sell out the welfare of the state and its citizens for a backroom deal or to make himself look great.

As a CEO of a mid-sized corporation that he built himself, he has a certain ego that he knows what it takes to get the job done because he's done it. Jindal can only say that he has what it takes to raise a lot of money, get appointed to cushy jobs, and elected to even cushier jobs.

Jindal is a party hack and, as a Republican party hack, he should stay in Congress where we could do more good than being Governor of Louisiana.


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