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Spring 2007 Election Results

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Election results are in and the three tax propositions passed, Mike Billiot has been elected Councilman in the Town of Golden Meadow, and Eddie Hebert and Debbie Swanner are in a run-off for Councilman in the City of Thibodaux.

Although it passed, I was quite surprised to see the 5 mill Property Tax proposition for the Thibodaux Volunteer Fire Department only gathered 66% of the tax. I guess that is because I saw it as a no brainer.

Everyone's home is different, but I figured my home is assessed at roughly $130,000. Subtract the $75,000 homestead exemption and that leaves me with $55,000 of taxable property. Five mills will cost me about $27.50 per year. This $30 will be a lot less than what I think could be expected from an increase in homeowners policies if the City is not able to keep up with standards setup by the insurance industry.

This is also a lot less than the average 15 mills that other municipalities tax for fire protection.

Interesting, the one precinct that failed to give a passing vote was 2-9, the neighborhood immediately around the Thibodaux Volunteer Firefighters Fairgrounds.

Some habits are hard to kill and it appears as if Lafourche Parish will have to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century politically. The Consolidation of Sales Tax District A Proposition squeaked by with 54% of the vote. The largest opposition came from the Chackbay area.

The Consolidation of Road Sale Tax District Number 2 fared much better, garnering 84% of the vote.

The race for District A Councilman in Thibodaux is slated for a run-off. Eddie Hebert, with 28% of the vote, against Debbie Swanner, with 34% of the vote.

Looking at the results from the individual precincts, Swanner is strongest in 2-1A (Cameco and Bubba's II area) and weakest in 2-3A (Tiger Drive area). Hebert is strongest 2-2 (Rienzi area) and weakest in 2-3 (Hickory Street area).

Assuming you can get the same voters to turn out for the run-off, that puts 355 votes in play. Plenty enough for the two remaining candidates to reverse order.

Because of how the Secretary of State records absentee votes, District numbers may be skewed somewhat.

PrecinctHuey Chiasson, Jr.Eddie HebertFoye "Put" LiretteMary "Debbie" Swanner
02 011273134
02 01A4171022
02 025315773146
02 0339245645
02 03A107113
02 0426272943
02 04A0000


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