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Same old, same old

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State Senator Walter Boasso has confirmed that he has been approached by members of the Louisiana State Democratic Party to change his party affiliation and run for governor as a Democrat.

In an interview with the Baton Rouge Advocate, Boasso is quoted “In my 27 years of business, (I’ve learned) you don’t close the door on any opportunity. So right now, I’m just listening to what people have to say.”

This sounds like typical Boasso. He will take the time to listen to those who are arguing for it one way or the other, and I think he will have made a decision within a week's time.

Should Boasso get a copy of this posting, let me remind him of what he has on his own web site, Get It Done Louisiana:

Louisiana State Senator Walter Boasso stated, “Instead of new visions and new ideas Baton Rouge gives us the same old, same old. It has to stop. No more band-aids and discussing the problems, it is time to join together and implement solutions to Get It Done.”

Should Boasso switch to the Democratic party it will look like he is doing it for no other reason than the “same old, same old.”

He wants to be Governor. James Quinn and the other fake Republicans that head the state GOP have blindly endorsed Congressman Bobby Jindal. The Democrats are 0 for 3 on gubernatorial candidates. Looks like the perfect match...for the Democratic Party.

A switch to the Democratic Party would mean Boasso is doing it for no reason other than political expediency. The “same old, same old.”

If Boasso truly wants to switch, he should switch to Independent. That would give him the ability to say he was doing so because the State GOP apparatiks did not give his campaign a chance with the rest of the GOP faithful. He could still adhere to conservative fundamentals as Governor. Even more important, he would not be beholden to the Democratic Party apparatiks who could claim they got him elected with Democratic Party faithful and we could expect more of the “same old, same old.”


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