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Breaux is Gone, Woe is Me

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I wrote my last entry "GOP Failing in Louisiana" before former Senator John Breaux formally announced his decision not to enter the 2007 Governor's race. So now I want to comment on what I've seen happen in the few days since.

I am basically seeing two camps in the Louisiana Democratic Party.

One camp is your typical yellow-dog Democrat, "Breaux's out? No problem, I was for Mitch Landrieu all along." Feel free to swap out Mitch Landrieu's name with any other Louisiana Democrat politician.

The second camp is the woe is me camp. They feel betrayed by Attorney General Charles Foti for not issuing an opinion favorable to Breaux.

From the Daily Kingfish blog:

As a political matter, Foti has hurt the Democrats chances of keeping the Governor's mansion this fall by punting on this question. Foti could have clarified what citizenship means in a way favorable to Breaux. He chose not to do that.

In another article, also from the Daily Kingfish, a writer who goes by the name of pointecoupeedemocrat, writes that he is "stunned" by Breaux's withdrawal and apologizes for his "desultory presentation" while trying to brain storm on who the new Democrat candidate for Governor should be.

Personally, I find it amazing that there is a group of people out there who are willing to let their personal feelings be determined by whether or not some politician is a candidate or not.

Charles Foti did not kill Breaux's candidacy, he simply stated the plain and obvious truth. The question of Breaux's citizenship would be a matter of fact that would have to be settled in court.

Breaux finally did something right for the citizens of Louisiana, he dropped out of a race early when there wasn't a 100% chance that he could successfully qualify to run.

All I can say to my Democrat neighbors in Louisiana is cheer up. You may lose the governorship in Louisiana, but you will almost certainly win the presidency.


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Jim said:

Now, now Westley...don't say almost certainly...Bush has a goodly amount of time to cement the Republican death knell for the national elections in '08.

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