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Verizon Wireless Customers Beware

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Verizon Wireless customers need to watch their cell phones for a few months after they upgrade to a new phone. I'm guessing they are hoping you won't notice and they'll be able to start charging you an extra $15 month.

What happens is when you upgrade your current phone to one that can handle their VCast service, they automatically give you a one month trial of the service, which is fine and dandy. The problem arises in that you have to make a call to them and cancel the service, otherwise they assume you want to keep it and begin charging you for it.

I was totally unaware of this until I got my latest bill and noticed the extra charge on my wife's phone. Double checking mine, I noticed the same thing (we both upgraded our phones at the same time).

Now, about two weeks after we had been using our new phones, I received a letter from Verizon Wireless. In this letter, to the best I can remember, I read that we would get a 15 day trial of the VCast service and if we didn't like it, we didn't have to do anything, it would simply be dropped. I do remember thinking it was kind of late, since I received the letter well after the 15 days was over.

As you can expect, I was quite shocked to see the charge appear on my bill.

What's the kicker in all of this is that the VCast service is not available in all markets and I'm living in one of those markets where it is not available. So Verizon Wireless wanted me to pay for a service that I would not be able to use.

Just what is VCast you might ask? That is their service that allows you to download music and videos to your phone. Here's the kicker though. You will need to pay for the songs and videos you download. In essence, you are paying a $15 monthly fee for the privilege of spending more money with them.

My only question now is when will the class-action lawsuit be filed against them? My bet is about two years from now. Let's start the clock and see how well I do.


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