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Thibodaux and Lafourche Spring Elections

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Saturday, May 31, 2007 is election day in Louisiana and there are a few items for voters to vote on. Most residents will only have one choice to make, although some will have two.

What is most surprising to me is that I am only learning three days before the election that there is something on the ballot for me to vote on. And I learned it because the Daily Comet printed a letter to the editor from Parish Councilman Michael Matherne. Now I'm left wondering why this ballot was kept on the quiet.

I have a sneaky suspicion that someone was worried there would be outspoken opposition to consolidating the three road tax districts in North and Central Lafourche into one. Parish residents have a reputation of not wanting to share their tax dollars with other areas of the parish outside of their own district.

This is a proposition that needs to pass. This will be just the first step toward consolidating all the road tax districts in the parish into one and simplifying the parish tax code. It also will help parish leaders plan future road improvements in the parish, no matter where they are needed.

All residents of the City of Thibodaux are being asked to approve a 5 mill property tax to pay for new equipment and buildings for the fire department. The City already collects around 2 mills, so this would increase the total millage dedicated to the Fire Department to 7 mills.

This is dirt cheap, especially compared to other cities and municipalities of a similar size.

The City of Thibodaux has been growing in population as well as expanding the land area that it occupies. These two factors are combining to require the fire department to invest in new fire engines and buildings to house them.

The insurance industry looks at how readily available different types of fire fighting equipment is when determining insurance ratings. Without the new equipment, the City's insurance rating will drop causing an increase in home owners insurance policies.

This proposition needs to pass and pass by a wide margin.

North Thibodaux residents, most of whom should live in City Council District A, need to elect a new councilman to represent them.

This election is being held due to the sudden death of Councilman Norman Swanner back in November 2006. The seat is currently occupied by his son, Doug Swanner, who was appointed to the position until the election could be held. Because he was appointed, Doug Swanner cannot run the seat until this term is over.

Norman Swanner was elected unopposed, but now there are four people vying for the position.

Debbie Swanner - Norman Swanner's wife. In her statement announcing her candidacy she stated "someone in the family should carry it out."

As an outsider looking in, this looks like a political dynasty trying to get started. I haven't seen or heard anything from Swanner that says what her goals are for the City, she just wants to keep the council seat in the family.

Foye "Put"e; Lirette - A member of the Thibodaux Fire Department who helps stage the Department's annual fair. When I heard him speak of his candidacy, he talked about his work with the Fire Department but made no mention of what he thought the City Council should be focused on in leading the City.

Huey Chiasson, Jr. - A retired postal worker. Listening to Huey, he had the same problem as Lirette, no mention of what he would push for if he was elected.

Eddie Hebert - A retired nurse. The thing that stood out about Eddie when I heard him speak of his candidacy was that he had specific areas within the city that he wanted to address. He was able to show that he knew what was some of the problems facing the citizens of Thibodaux

If I were in District A, I would vote for Eddie Hebert.

So there you have it. When you go into the voting booth on Saturday, depending on where you live, you can use this handy little cheat sheet.

Vote Yes Consolidated Sales Tax District A
Vote Yes City of Thibodaux Proposition
Vote Eddit Hebert - City Councilman District A


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