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Christ the Lord:Out of Egypt

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Christ the Lord:Out of Egypt was originally published on All Saints Day in 2005. I bought the book sometime in 2006 and only recently had the chance to pull it off the shelf and read it.

As most books by author Anne Rice are, this one is chock-full of historically accurate settings. This gives you the ability to fully appreciate the background in which the characters are set.

Although this is a fictional work, and Rice makes no pretenses otherwise, you can read this book and see it happening for real. This is exactly what you would expect any seven year old boy, who has a link to God that he doesn't know about or understand, to experience.

From his first experience curing the blind to raising the dead, Rice lets us follow along Christ's journey to return his homeland and discover his unique relationship with God.

At 300 pages, this is one of Rice's shorter novels and makes for a very quick read. Perfect for that little weekend get-away when you want to read but not spend all your time wrapped up in a book.

What I found as equally enjoyable was the seventeen pages of Author's Notes at the back of the book. Through these pages Rice describes her journey from being raised in the Catholic faith, leaving the Church at 18, and returning some thirty years later. It is a very intriguing read and worth the price of the book itself.

The book itself has been released as a hard cover, paperback, and audio CD. All available through

The story has been optioned as a movie although no production has been started on it yet.


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