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Presidential Races

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The race for U.S. President is underway now with candidates from both sides of the aisle testing the waters. More interesting, at lease to St. Bernard Parish residents is who will continue the rebuilding effort after Hurricane Katrina.

To gauge the public mood, we are taken an unscientific approach and asking people to submit who they think should be the next parish president.

Parish President Survey
Which of these possible candidates would you vote to elect as Parish President of St. Bernard Parish?
Walter Boasso 35% 57
Craig Taffaro 33% 55
Other 21% 35
Junior Rodriguez 8% 13
Joey DiFatta 3% 5
total votes: 165

Disclaimer: This poll is just for fun and is not a scientific or legal ly binding poll. With the exception of incumbent President Rodriguez, none of the other names has announced a bid for parish present.


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Cindy Meyers said:

In my opinion, a position of management requires the ability to perform well under pressure. I do not see Mr. Rodriguez performing well under pressure. While his intentions may be good, he is judged on his actions. This may be a great time for Mr. Rodriguez to step down from a management role and perhaps offer his services as a consultant. If he truly loves the parish, he will do what is best for St. Bernard.

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