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Fling It and Wing It

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As part of an unofficial Superbowl XLI promotion, Papa John's Pizza is pushing its new "spicier flavor Papa's Wings".

Papa John's is encouraging visitors to its web site to register for a chance for a free order of wings. If either Payton Manning or Rex Grossman throw a pass of 85 yards or longer, everyone who registered will get a coupon for a free order of wings.

The only quarterback to complete a pass of 85 yards is Jake Delhomme of the Carolina Panthers in Superbowl XXXVIII against the New England Patriots. The next four longest passes are:

81 Brett Favre (to Freeman), Green Bay vs. New England, XXXI (TD)
80 Jim Plunkett (to King), Oakland vs. Philadelphia, XV (TD) Doug Williams (to Sanders), Washington vs. Denver, XXII (TD) John Elway (to R. Smith), Denver vs. Atlanta, XXXIII (TD)



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